Improve Your Footballing Skill With These Exercises

To be a good footballer, you need huge levels of stamina to go the full 90 minutes of the match. On average, a footballer will cover at least 10 kilometres in each game. But that doesn’t mean that running around your local park will give you the right shape.

There are a number of Solihull gym recommended stamina drills and workouts that can help you improve your footballing ability. They include the following:

3-Hurdle Drill

In our gyms in Solihull, we recommend this drill to help you improve quickness in the body. You will also be better placed to perform the key cutting movements in football. Great footballers are very good in coordination and this drill in one you should do in a gym Solihull.

Box Blast

A good footballer needs to have explosive power in their legs and hips. With that, you can easily separate yourself from attacks by opponents on the field. There is no better place to do these workouts than in one of our gyms in Solihull area.

Lateral Bound

Talk to any Solihull gym experts and they will tell you the importance of developing explosive lateral power in the legs. Footballers, whether defenders, midfielders or strikers need this to be able to play very well.

90/90 Stretch

Playing football is not just about having very good muscles in the legs, feet, and hips. You also need to develop your torso to be able to build endurance. The muscles from the middle of the back upwards should be strong and flexible enough for you to perform well as a footballer. All the gyms near Solihull have the experts to help you with these routines.

Base Rotations

For all the players on a football field, fitness in the ankles, knees, and hips is a must. It is in these areas that the most serious injuries tend to happen. Your Solihull gym recommends this workout regime for any footballer looking to improve coordination.

Squat Jump

In our gyms in Solihull, we recommend squat jumps to help work the ankles, knees, and hips. In technical terms, it is referred to as the ‘triple flexion response’. You need it for the power to battle, leap, and run after the ball on the field of play.

Ankle Jump

Footballers cannot function properly without power in their lower legs. Apart from giving your legs explosive power, we at gym Solihull recommend this workout to help flex your ankle joint. Without flexibility in the ankles, you are more at the risk of being injured.

Single-Leg Hurdle Hop

On the playing field, there is a lot of landing involved. In our gyms in Solihull area, we recommend this workout to help you learn how to better do your landings. With that, you will be better prepared to avoid injuries due to the violent landings and collisions that happen so often.

Clearly, developing the endurance you need as a footballer is much more than running around the neighbourhood. With the right workouts, there is no reason why you shouldn’t succeed

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