The Many Benefits of Boxing

Have you ever thought of taking up boxing? Of course, not as an amateur or a professional – just as a way of exercising?

As a sport, boxing requires you to have high levels of athleticism in terms of agility, speed, strength, nerve, endurance, power, and hand-eye coordination. That is why, as a form of exercise, boxing is a great way of acquiring the athletic skills listed above. That is why you should expect boxing workouts in our gyms near Solihull.

Greater Cardiovascular Health

There are many ways to do a cardio in our gyms in Solihull and boxing is among the very best. A 15-minute boxing workout is enough for you to burn the same number of calories as running for an hour. At its core, boxing is an aerobic exercise. It helps increase your heart rate thus giving strength to your lungs and heart. In the end, it will help you fight the aging process even with improved overall health.

Making Your Body Stronger

To be able to kick and punch effectively, you need a lot of strength. Think about having to kick and punch the 100-pound boxing bag multiple numbers of times in a single workout. You have to be very strong in your core, lower body, and upper body. In our gyms in Solihull, we have incorporated other routines to help with strength training. That includes planks, push-ups, and squats in workout cycles of 30 minutes.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

It is not usual that hand-eye coordination is associated with overall good health. It is, however, very key in helping you build your total as well as fine motor skills. There is no better way to develop faster reaction times and reflexes. The boxing routines we provide at gym Solihull ensure that you also make your physical coordination much better. After all, boxing is about looking to hit the even as it moves.

Decreased Stress

Just like other types of physical activities, boxing has the ability to help decrease stress. The place of exercise in increasing endorphins, boosting mood, and getting into a meditative state has already been established. Apart from all these benefits, exercise also helps improve sleep, thus reducing all forms of stress.

Boxing involves transitioning between high-intensity exercises and periods of moderate intensity for recovery purposes. During the high-intensity period, you have your mind fully occupied to worry about anything. In our Solihull gym, we know how to successfully take you through these transitions.

Better Body Composition

If the reason for hitting one of the gyms in Solihull is to tone up your muscles, boxing is your best bet when it comes to exercise. And the good thing is that you get to work out all the muscles in your body. Think about the dodging, punching, and maintaining your stance. In any of our gyms in Solihull area, we will ensure that you get everything involved in a boxing workout.

What more would you want in a cardio exercise regime? You will enjoy these and many other benefits.

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