Should I Aim To Cut Down On Dairy Products?

That is the question that every fitness conscious individual should be asking themselves. Although it has become a trend, ditching dairy has a number of health benefits for those who do it. People who have quit dairy have claimed they have lost weight and prevented acne breakouts. But that may not be necessarily true for everyone.

As much as you may want to quit dairy now, experts at your gym Solihull warn that you shouldn’t do it at a go. It is always much better to do it in bits.

The following are some of the things that will happen to you when you quit dairy:

Weight Loss

One of the reasons why people reduce their dairy intake is to cut weight. It is, however, not obvious that you are going to lose weight if you cut down on your dairy intake. In our Solihull gym, we understand how much weight you lose is related to how much dairy you were taking before the reduction.

For instance, replacing dairy with fresh produce, whole grains, and protein can result in weight loss. In essence, it has nothing to do with dairy but how you consume it. That is if you consider the results of a research study which suggests that eating full-fat dairy can aid weight loss.

Feeling Less Bloated

Some of the people who come to gyms in Solihull area often complain of bloating due to dairy consumption. Bloating, however, is more a digestive problem than anything else. How does dairy cause bloating? It is thought that people who are sensitive or allergic to dairy find it hard to digest carbohydrates, sugar, and proteins. That is why reducing your dairy intake is a sure way of reducing incidents of bloating.

A Clearer Skin

The experts in our gyms near Solihull are aware of the overwhelming evidence to support the view that consuming dairy leads to you having more acne. Milk contains hormones which are thought to lead to increased acne breakouts.  In fact, a number of people who have reduced their milk intake have reported a smoother and clearer skin. But that doesn’t mean that you quit eating dairy on a whim. Talk to a nutritionist for alternatives to dairy which will help you maintain a healthy diet.

Reducing the Risk of Cancer

There is evidence to the effect that increased consumption of dairy can expose you to cancer. It is the high calcium contained in milk that has been linked to the likelihood of prostate cancer. Calcium is thought to reduce the effects of a hormone that fights prostate cancer. It is also highly likely that the milk you take contains carcinogens from pesticides. Some of these chemicals have been proven to the growth of breast cancer. It is, therefore, the view of gym Solihull that cutting milk intake can reduce the risk of getting certain cancers.

When you eventually make up your mind to quit dairy, make sure that your nutritionist guides you on the healthy alternatives. With that, you will be able to maintain a healthy diet.

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